Current Projects

Annotated Research Papers in the Classroom

How can annotated papers be used in the classroom, and what learning gains are taking place?  This project investigates what science processes skills students can learn using annotated literature, including expert-like thinking and experimental design skills. Learn more about this project here.

Current research opportunities:

  • developing surveys to examine learning gains related to annotated papers
  • analyzing data collected on intro bio students reading annotated papers
  • readability studies on annotations developed for SitC



Annotator Training as a Professional Development Experience

Graduate students in STEM fields represent an untapped pool of talent to improve both STEM education and STEM communication.  How can annotating a scientific research paper provide STEM graduate students with skills to make them knowledgeable educators and communicators?  How does the annotation training change participants attitudes regarding STEM education and STEM communication? Learn more about this project here.

Current research opportunities:

  • analyzing pre-post survey responses from current annotators
  • undergraduates annotator training and what it looks like
  • assessing current annotator training and how to improve it



Teacher Training using Annotated Primary Literature

STEM education is changing. Education standards and frameworks are moving away from memorizing scientific content and toward engaging students with the nature & practices of science. Primary literature can be powerful tool for teaching with emphasis on real science.  How can teachers best leverage annotated papers in their classrooms? Learn more about this project here.

Current research opportunities: 

  • developing workshops for practicing teachers on using SitC resources
  • analyzing qualitative data from workshop participants
  • how to scale workshops for a teacher-prep population



Using Annotated Primary Literature to Increase Student Engagement

Can we promote student engagement with their department by using annotated faculty research papers in intro level courses?

Current research opportunities: 

  • developing surveys to measure student engagement at the department level
  • using annotated papers from department faculty to increase departmental engagement (survey design and data analysis)



Bringing Annotated Research Papers to the Public

Is the general public interested in reading annotated research papers?  If so, what kinds of annotations will the general public need that are the same/different from what an undergraduate student needs?

Current research opportunities: 

  • collecting data from the general public on reading scientific research
  • analyzing qualitative responses from participants
  • designing SitC resources with a new focus



Improving Graduate-level science communication training

What do we know about what graduate-level science communication training looks like in 2018?  How can we improve graduate-level science communication training?

Current research opportunities: 

  • collecting data from current graduate students on what they are, or are not, learning with regard to communication skills
  • analyzing qualitative responses from participants
  • designing training modules in science communication skills



















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