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January 2020

Kyriaki presents in Mumbai, India, at epiSTEME: A Conference Series to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

Kyriaki epiSTEM


December 2019

Lab breakfast at IHOP, celebrating a successful semester.

lab breakfast

December 2019

Three graduates this semester!  Congratulations and best of luck to Amy, Kiana, and Idara!  We are proud of you and cheering you on to your next steps!

amy grad

kiana grad

idara grad

October 2019

Our lab had a HUGE presence at the McNair undergrad research conference!!  Kiana, Amy, Hannah, Idara, Laura, Enza, Mainlyng, Kassandra, and Ruben all presented posters.


** getting closer to my dream of someday having a picture of everyone at once! **

Here are 8 out of 18 people currently in the lab, 44%…almost halfway there!!!




October 2019

Mainlyng presents at the STEM Transformation Institute weekly lunch seminar series




October 2019

Kyriaki presents at the National CIRTL Forum in Philadelphia

Kyriaki CIRTL


October 2019

Melissa speaks at ComSciCom Miami on how to explain a scientific paper in 120 words.



September 2019

Kiana presents at the McNair Symposium (and so does honorary lab member Rose)



September 2019

Tessy’s paper is published!

Providing Transferable, Professional Skills for the Next Generation of Scientific Professionals through an Outreach Opportunity


July 2019

The lab travels to the SABER (Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research) annual meeting with SIX posters!  Special guest: John Geiger

We were also included on a poster with Mary Washburn and Miriam Segura-Totten  at the University of North Georgia…our first official collaboration!

kyriaki.jpgIMG-0115 (1).JPGIMG-0113 (1).JPGIMG-0109 (1).JPGIMG-0117 (1).JPG





June 2019

Simone wins a Young Botanist award!

(celebratory lunch included)




April 2019

Chelsey and M.J graduate!!!  Congratulations!

(complete with a celebratory breakfast)






April 2019

Melissa gives a presentation on what we are doing in the lab at the FIU Discipline Based Education Research (DBER) seminar series



April 2019

Amy, Kiana, and Chelsey present their research at the FIU undergraduate research conference.




February 2019

Kiana, Simone, Ateev, and Rose (honorary lab member) presented their research at the Emerging Researchers National (ERN) conference in Washington, DC.



February 2019

Matt’s PLOS Biology paper is featured on The Node: a community site for and by developmental biologists:





February 2019

Kiana is accepted as a McNair Fellow for 2019-2020!



January 2019

Matt’s first paper is published in PLOS Biology!



December 2018

Melissa presents on how to include primary literature into your course as part of the American Society of Cell Biology’s annual meeting.



November 2018

Nick presents his first poster at the FIU Learning Assistants Conference.  Nice work Nick!

Nick LA conference 2Nick LA conference


November 2018

Simone and Chaz receive McNair Fellow awards for their summer research projects





November 2018

Melissa gave a seminar to the Biology Department highlighting research done by Eva, Matt, Kyriaki, Chelsey, Kiana, and Amy.

October 2018

Good bye and good luck to Matt!

matt cake


October 2018

FIVE undergraduates in the lab presented at the 2018 FIU McNair conference!

amy McNair


Amy’s first poster!

Chaz McNair

I can’t keep track of how many posters Chaz has done.  He is a pro!


Chelsey McNair


Chelsey’s first poster!


Kiana McNair


Kiana’s first poster (and right before a big orgo exam)!


Simone McNair


Simone’s first McNair poster!


August 2018

Welcome, Kyriaki!  We are happy you are here at FIU!



July 2018

We had three posters and two talks at the 2018 SABER conference.  Matt was a champ helping out with them all!












July 2018

Eva’s paper is published!  download PDF



July 2018

Eva is going back to Sweden, but not without some cake first. Good luck Eva!  We will miss you!



June 2018

Eva’s paper is accepted!  Go Eva!

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.24.12 AM


May 2018

Our lab has FIVE abstracts accepted to the 2018 SABER biology education conference!


April 2018

Chris presents his research at the FIU Faculty Innovations for Student Success Showcase

chris poster


Chaz presents his research at the FIU STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium

chaz poster



March 2018

Our first paper as a lab is PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!




February 2018

Chaz and MJ present their research at the Emerging Researchers National Conference in Washington, DC

chaz ernmj ern


October 2017

Chaz and MJ present their research at the FIU McNair Scholars Research Conference


MJ at the poster session!

mj poster mcnair

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