Discovery 2

This class is designed to expand and develop students’ skills as future professionals in STEM fields. Through hands-on professional development training, the Discovery 2 course helps prepare students for graduate school and careers in STEM fields. Students will gain confidence and experience as they practice writing applications for graduate schools and NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, and improve science communication skills, while learning to build their own professional resumes.

Discovery 2 Syllabus 2018

discovery 2The inaugural Discovery 2 class!

Success stories!  Simone and Rose have gone on to extremely successful undergraduate research careers!



Cathy is moving closer to her dream job with Aquarius Research Base!




Big Ideas in Biology (BSC 1990)

Are you considering a biology major, but are unsure about committing to the intro bio sequence?

Consider BSC 1990/1991. This course will provide a “big picture” overview of biology, focusing on big biological ideas rather than small details. These ideas will be connected across disciplines and historical events while showcasing the real life applications and repercussions of biology for our culture and society. As such, this course is the perfect opportunity to get a good idea for your fit as a biology major or in a biology-related career.

Alternatively, if you have already determined that you want to become a biology major, this course will be instrumental in helping you explore the diversity of the technical and practical applications of biology and to truly understand the core biological concepts.  Furthermore, in this class, you will have the opportunity to learn critical thinking skills necessary for success in biology and beyond.

This course is offered in two tracks depending on student interest in applied biology (for science education, science communication, science policy, conservation, food sciences, natural resources management, etc: BSC 1991) or interest in biology research (graduate school and medical school: BSC 1990).

Big Ideas in Biology Syllabus spring 2018

Big Ideas in Biology Syllabus FALL 2018




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